Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It is finally here...

After all those days on Edjoin and various interviews, I finally have a job and a place to go this fall.  I got hired at a charter school in Escondido to teach 7th, 8th and 9th grade math, which is a lot, especially for my first year.  This school seems to be a good fit for me, the staff is young and friendly and I have a lot of freedom in which I can teach since I am at a charter school.  They have already conducted orientations and they sent me to the AVID Summer Institute last week which has given me a lot of good ideas in which I can start getting my class together.

As I sit at home on my final day off before 2 days of meetings before the first day of school (Monday) I am in awe that I have a job and I feel so lucky.  I know so many of my friends from my program last year weren't able to find anything (although the fat lady has not yet sung) and I hope they can experience the same feeling that I am soon.  I am just so excited to finally be doing what I have worked on for the past 5 years and that I can start teaching kids REAL math the right way.  

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