Saturday, March 10, 2012

Job Fair

This weekend I went to my first official teacher job fair, which was concentrated towards the Catholic Schools in the area. Overall, it felt like Disneyland, but not in the fun way. Mostly because I think I waited longer in line than actually talking to prospective principals and administrators. There were so many people and so few jobs, which made it a little discouraging, especially since there were only 4 High Schools at the fair (as opposed to about 32 elementary schools). Each of the High Schools only had between 1 and 4 jobs open, which means it is competitive. Although I am not 100% about what type of school I want to be working at (private, public, charter or alternative) I am open to anything that will give me experience with teaching. This fair did teach me about how I should act, dress, and what to expect. I realized that I should be confident about my experiences in teaching so far because I do have what potential employers are looking for even though I am fresh out of college. Now I just have to buckle down and get those job applications in, because if there are openings, I am going to do my best at showing that I have what it takes.

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