Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today was another observation day at my school site.  It was not a bad day despite a suspected gun man running around the near by neighborhood causing the school and other schools in the area to go on lock down. Although my issue was not exactly about my day, but about what type of teacher I want to become.  The more I observe the different types of teachers, the more I question what types of things that I want to do within my class.  I want to incorporate group work and conceptual problems (like POW's), but I also want to make sure that the students have strong algebra skills that will help them in later, and more difficult classes.  I have seen classes (at many sites) that have a more student centered environment, but it seems like they don't get much done.  I have also seen classes where the teacher stands up in front of the class and bores the kids so much it drives them to text, doodle, and talk to their friends.  I feel like there is a middle route here.  I feel like there should be a way to use group work and self discovery of concepts but still be lecturing and making sure that the students understand each concept by sharing proofs, and the history behind them.  I guess this is something that I will continue to be pondering well on through my first years of teaching, but it is definitely bothering me now!

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