Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visitor vs. Resident

Technology has always been a part of my life, since my family had owned a computer before I was born.  (They purchased an Apple 2 in 1984.)  This then influenced my brother to become a Software Engineer, and has influenced me to not only be technology literate but to enjoy and understand it as a tool.   I learned math on Math Blaster, reading on Reader Rabbit, had my own email address by the age of 5, and an AIM account at 7.  With this I have been familiar with the idea of cyberspace, and as soon as Facebook was available to high school students, I was quickly on top of it.  I like the fact that I can easily connect to my friends that I might not have been able to stay in contact with due to crazy lifestyles and moving across the country for school or work.  I constantly read blogs, use skype, twitter and other sites which gives me a presence, which according to Dr. White, makes me not only a resident, but a fearless one.  Since I am fearless, it allows me to try all sorts of tools with education.  I am already being more exposed so some social networking tools that I can use for education, and I am willing to try anything as long as I can connect my students to the math. 

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